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ALTN Meat-Free Glutinous Rice 4 pcs

ALTN Meat-Free Glutinous Rice 90g x 4 pieces

Net Wt: 360g


About the Product

  • Vegan Glutinous Rice Dumpling made with well marinated soy protein pieces, mushroom and glutinous rice, all wrapped in the fragrant lotus leaf. Completely meat-free, yet rich in flavour.
  • Vegan Friendly


About the Brand

ALTN (pronounced as A-L-T-N) redefines The Alternative - offering a wide range of meat-free snacks and ready meals for anyone who craves a delicious alternative to the ordinary.


With ALTN, savouring good food equates to saving the future. ALTN isn't just a meat substitute, we are an indulgence of choices.


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Cooking & Preparation

STEAM (Best Eating Quality)

1. Prepare boiling water.

2. Take out Glutinous Rice Dumpling from freezer and remove wrapper. Do not defrost.

3. Steam frozen Glutinous Rice Dumpling for 25-30 minutes and serve.


Storage Guidelines

Store frozen below -18°C

ALTN Meat-Free Glutinous Rice 4 pcs

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