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ALTN Meat-Free Fish Fillets 4 pcs

ALTN Meat-Free Fish Fillets 100g x 4 pieces

Net Wt: 400g


About the Product

  • Plant based Fish Fillets are made from well seasoned soy protein patty, bringing a little crunch with its crispy batter.
  • Good source of Protein
  • Vegan Friendly


About the Brand

ALTN (pronounced as A-L-T-N) redefines The Alternative - offering a wide range of meat-free snacks and ready meals for anyone who craves a delicious alternative to the ordinary.


With ALTN, savouring good food equates to saving the future. ALTN isn't just a meat substitute, we are an indulgence of choices.


Find out more about ALTN!


Cooking & Preparation

DEEP FRY (Best Eating Quality)

1. Preheat cooking oil at 160-180°C.

2. Remove patties from packaging. Do not defrost.

3. Deep fry at 160-180°C for 4-5 minutes or till golden brown and serve.


Storage Guidelines

Store frozen below -18°C

ALTN Meat-Free Fish Fillets 4 pcs

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